Grocery shopping
made easy.

Mart learns your habits, generates a shopping list for you
based on what you need, and lets you place orders.

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Save time

You’re busy. Grocery shopping isn’t a top priority. Mart is designed to give you back that time you spent in the grocery store.


Using advanced artificial intelligence, Mart is able to accurately predict what groceries you need, and when.

Anywhere, Anytime

No matter when or where you are, Mart allows you to have access to all your favorite grocery stores on demand.

Find groceries you
actually need and want

Mart curates a feed of products based on your preferences and needs. Do you have food allergies, follow a specialized diet, or are just sick of a certain food? No problem — Mart will continuously adapt based on your personal needs.

Place orders
online in seconds

Why settle for one store?! With Mart, you can compare prices across stores near you and checkout instantly with flexible delivery options. Pick up or Home delivery – that’s up to you.

Nice, what else?

Shared List

Shopping lists are done collaboratively. With Mart, you can share and sync your list easily and watch it updated live.

Rich Product Info

You deserve to know what you buy.
Mart categorizes each product from multiple sources to provide transparent, detailed and accurate information.


Healthy snacks? Best shampoo ever?
Mart allows you to discover and share new recipies and groceries with your friends and family.

Mart is coming to
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Mart is coming to Ashburn

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We are on a mission to simplify the whole experience so you can stop
worrying about grocery shopping and have your time back.

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