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Mart isn’t just another grocery shopping list, or faster delivery service — it’s about improving grocery shopping as an overall experience.
We believe it’s time to cut the friction and put consumer needs in the center. From knowing what to buy, to when and where, Mart is designed to solve everyday problems so you can stop worrying about grocery shopping routines.

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Since everyone’s dietary habits and patterns are unique, so is each experience with Mart. Each user is treated differently by our algorithms, ensuring that Mart predicts your grocery needs as accurately as possible. Do you have food allergies, follow a specialized diet, or are just sick of a certain food? No problem — Mart will continuously adapt based on your personal needs.

Got questions?
We got answers!

  • Where can I checkout with Mart?

    Our first rollout will include 2400 stores from 3 major chains across United States and Canada.

  • How does it work?

    We’ve developed artificial intelligence to predict what groceries you need, and when. We use a constantly improving statistical model to make these predictions. We started by analyzing the grocery shopping patterns of millions of customers to build this model, and with every purchase made through Mart, it improves.

  • What can I buy with Mart?

    Mart doesn’t hold any inventory, but integrates and promotes stores you love with over 20,000 products you use daily. Imagine a service that provides access to consolidated data so you can experience grocery shopping in all stores at once.

  • How do you deliver?

    Mart integrates with established delivery services to provide both pickup and home delivery. Delivery services are vary between locations.

  • What if my habits change? Will Mart be able to predict right?

    Absolutely! Mart’s algorithm is designed to be customized to your needs. Whether you have specific dietary preferences, looking for refreshing products or craving different snacks. Mart learns it all to make sure suggestions are right on spot.

  • Will it cost to use Mart?

    Mart is free to use when you don’t checkout within the app. You may add products to your list, get notified when items run out, manage your list and collaborators – all for free.
    When you checkout with Mart, we charge symbolic fee from your total amount (exclude delivery) to keep our operations running.

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